Leather Care

Heio takes great pride in the design and craftsmanship of all its products, All leather used in our products has been carefully selected, and their handcrafted manufacturing treatment makes each leather product individual. If you follow our product care recommendation, your accessory would age beautifully.

To encourage beautifully age Heio accessories we recommend the following:

  • Avoid direct sunlight, heat to all bags
  • Keep your accessory in the dust bag and box provided as often as possible, to prevent it from being marked or deformed. We recommend storing it with the tissue paper provided
  • Do not overfill or bend your bag, as it may lose shape or get damaged
  • Take additional care with light coloured items , which tend to dent more easily
  • All suede accessories have special treatment applied to protect the bag against humidity and colour transfer, although we do recommend you protect your bag from the above.
  • Take extra care when wearing light – coloured materials to avoid colour transfer
  • All our vegetable tanned leather is completely natural, without any chemical protection on them so do take extra care
  • This means the leather may scractch easily, but this adds to your accessories individuality

Please note our leather materials are not water-resistant; if exposed to water, leave wet leather to dry naturally – never use artificial heat.